Our Story

Our Story


In Good Company Integrated Solutions, LLC is a Birmingham based group serving the Metro Detroit area. IGC helps businesses and individuals mitigate unnecessary risk and identify opportunities for growth by conducting unbiased assessments and connecting them with trusted professionals who can deliver the right solutions.

IGC was founded in 2018 by Amy Goula, a veteran professional with more than 20 years of experience in the financial and risk industries. Amy saw a need for creating a Hub to help both individuals and businesses establish a path for success by not only connecting them with the best professionals and strategies suited for their specific needs, but also facilitating these relationships and solutions.

Prior to launching IGC, Amy held positions with AXA Advisors, Bluewater Financial, and Witzke, Berry, Carter & Wander. During this time, Amy developed an enviable capacity to appraise and synthesize complex financial models, a mindset focused on precision and attention to detail, and the ability to advise clients in sophisticated but clear-cut ways. This last quality has been a particular complement to Amy’s exceptional ability to quickly build rapport and strong working relationships with both clients and colleagues.

Amy also has firsthand experience that has positioned her to help manage risk while focusing on growth opportunities (Amy’s Story).

After a period of reflection, the idea crystallized in Amy’s mind to make a bold change and start a new venture that would allow her to connect with clients “on the ground level,” and deliver the real results and first-class concierge service for which she had become known. Amy also wanted this Hub to serve as an advocate for her clients. IGC is fully-independent, driven solely by what’s in the best interest of its clients.

Amy prides herself on being empathetic and accountable, and her chief concern is her clients’ well-being and success. Amy is open and proud of this ethos—she will often say that the work she does each day “is about making a difference.” That’s why Amy and In Good Company Integrated Solutions, LLC have and continue to cultivate relationships with the best resources to deliver the best outcomes for their clients.


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Our Reputation

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we build and the services that we provide. Our clients feel the same.

"Amy’s someone who listens, has compassion for business relationships and ultimately executes strategy."


“I met Amy thru a mutual connection in the philanthropic world. I soon recognized Amy’s uncanny ability to organically connect people, companies, non-profits etc. to build valuable and lasting ecosystems. The partnerships I have witnessed and been a part of have been invaluable to me. Amy’s someone who listens, has compassion for business relationships and ultimately executes strategy.”


James E. Coleman ~ PNC Bank


Our Purpose Is Providing Your Solutions



101 W. Long Lake Rd.
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PHONE: 248-480-7575

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